90 degrees isnt?

if i type in a rotation of 90 and click off the object, most of the time if i reselect the object it will be either 90.00001 or 89.9999999

  • why cant it just be 90?

Due to floating point numbers imprecision, 90 isnt always going to exactly equal 90 when converted into a float.

If you are having trouble comparing them you can use Mathf.Approximately(a, b) to compare them to see if they are ALMOST the same.

When you type into the inspector, it changes a quaternion internally via the euler angles you provide

That means that your three numbers get turned into a 4 number object, and then when they're read back, it's giving you as accurate as a float can represent for the object

Basically: it is 90, but float precision isn't accurate enough to keep it exactly there, so you shouldn't worry about it - you'll never notice it