`UnityEngine.Debug' does not contain a definition for `LogException'

Hi guys, this is a very strange error i got when trying to play game i’m making.
Monodevelop sees Debug.logException, but unity Doesn’t:

Nice screencap :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use exception.message in a Debug-Log statement to get the same effect. Not sure why LogException isn’t working, though.

So, I’m not seeing an answer as to why Debug.Log suddenly isn’t working?
If I usine UnityEngine.Debug.Log(); it works. But why should I have to do that when I’ve already placed the Using Unity.Engine declaration at the top of my file?!

I’ve just updated to 4.3.2f1, so I’m assuming that this is something that is cropping up because of that. Very frustrating, as I was just trying to make a video for my students on just how to output to the console and in the middle of the video I have to stop to figure out why this very simple thing is not working.

It’s been a year since you posted this issue, but I’ve found the same issue and the reason behind this problem is a 3rd party library. In my case, Amplify Color is adding a class also named Debug, with a Log method as well, and it’s not declared within a namespace either…