_CameraColorAttachment Render Texture in Memory

I am working on a URP project. But the game keeps crashing. Memory profiler always shows 2 dynamically created Render Textures(_CameraColorAttachmentA and _CameraColorAttachmentB) always loaded in memory. These textures are 14mb each.

I am not using any Render textures in my project. Also post processing is disabled in urp settings. I have tried building an empty scene, still memory shows these textures. I don’t see these textures loaded in my other projects. what are these textures ?

Looking in to the same thing.
On 2021.3.16, URP 12.1.8, XR enabled and active, Opaque and Depth textures are all disabled. My _CameraColorAttachment textures are 280MB each which is insane (This is not an empty scene but also not very complicated)!
Having some resolution to this issue would be great or at least some clarity on what exactly this is, I wish I knew what to do to fix it but sadly I am not sure, or even why it’s happening.

EDIT: Talked to someone who knows graphics stuff much more than me, this is URPs color render texture for the current and previous frame. The size of this texture drastically increases with more MSAA levels. Hope this helps!