_CameraDepthAttachment memory leak in 2022.3.8f


This leak suddenly appeared or is amplified today while I'm working. Reverted all changes in project to yesterday did not help with the situation. Teammates running the same project on separate machines does not have the same problem which I checked with memory profiler.

Seem there is some weird state in the of the project cache, the editor layout or my machine which is triggering this leak.

The leaking render texture is seems to be sceneview depth texture which I can see the depth texture rendered in red channel in the memory profiler.

I'm running a Windows machine with Unity 2022.3.8f.

I've just cleared my Library folder and is re-importing the project. I'll update on whether that have worked.

There were a couple of memory leaks in 2022.3, see here for more context . AFAIK they are all solved on 2022.3.10f1, though as I noted in the other thread, another critical bug (related to the job system) on 2022.3 was only fixed on 2022.3.14f1.

If you could update to a newer version of the editor and check if that solves your issue or not, that would help in determining if there’s anything we might’ve overlooked. :slight_smile: