A 2D Scene in a 3d Project

Hello I am currently making a game of a square bouncing around levels. But I want to make a set of levels that are 3d where it’s a cube, and some scenes I want to be 2D. The project was originally 3D. Is there anyway that I can make a specific scene 2D?

BTW I am using Unity 5.0.1

Yes, just do it with 2D sprites, features and components. If you’ll be interested about the difference between that initial “2D and 3D” selection I’ve described it well OVER THERE.

If you don’t know how 2D engine works you can walk through Unity’s 2D tutorial THERE (Note: that tutorial was mostly made for v4 so there will be few differences with v5 which you’re using, if you won’t understand something you can always ask here on Unity Answers, but before you ask try to use search).