A backend service for my double-valued leaderboard?

Hello devs.
I’m trying to set up an online leaderboard for my game. For each completed level I want to update the player’s score with two variables: Cookies and Time. I want a leaderboard system ordered by Time but filtered by Cookies.
I’ve been trying LootLocker and PlayFab, but unsuccessfully. Both of them allow one single value for each leaderboard entry. So they ask me to make two different leaderboards, retrieve both lists when needed and then sort them on my own as needed.
Unfortunately, I can’t follow this path, because I currently have 40 levels and I’m planning to create more of them. So I’d have to manually create 4 leaderboards (4 Time leaderboard for each possible Cookies value, which goes from 0 to 3) for each one of the 40 levels, which would mean to manually create 160 leaderboards.
Also, my leaderboard is permanent, it’s supposed to never reset, so if it’ll ever get to host thousands of player it’d be impossible to sort and filter them all locally by retrieving data via web request.
I need a backend service that allows me to create leaderboards with multiple variables, or some other way to do this (I don’t have servers nor the coding skills to manage one). Any experience?
PS: My game is going to be available for different platforms, mainly mobile. So I need a single custom system. I don’t want to use Google Play Services or Game Center.

my personal favorite here would be to just rent some minimal webspace with space for a few sql tables.
Any insert/overwrite operation is not really complicated. On Top you can then query for data exactly as you’d like it and subdivide your leaderboards in any style you’d like. Mostly this will also be the cheaper variant as you’ll have to put in a bit work by yourself.