a 'bar' or neon like light.


I’m trying to create a neon light within unity. I know you can have a self illuminated shader using lightmapping and have the light baked onto the scene, but I need the light to be dynamic. When the neon light moves around in the game the light needs to follow and affect the whole scene.


There is a Glow Effect Script in (Image Effects) Pro Only.
If you don’t have pro. there is no way to do it (i think)

Hope it helped :slight_smile: - Yohan

For the light object (as fluorescent tube, I assume) to be bright, even when no other light is shining on it, you can use a shader from the self-illuminated category.

To create the glow around the light, you can use a Light Halo or the Glow Image Effect. Since you are talking about creating a tube light, the halo might not fit the shape of the glow you want to create, so the image effect might be your best option.

And of course, the light it casts on other objects. You could probably get a pretty decent effect by using multiple point lights, along the length of the tube.

Thanks for your replies! I’ve been trying various ways to do this… It seems like the best option is to use the glow image effect in unity pro and set the alpha to black on the items I dont want to glow. The only problem with that is the glow effect makes everything glow the same colour… I’m hoping I can do something with Layers or multiple cameras in the same scene… but that could get pretty messy.