[A bit offtopic] Simulated eye sight

I got a couple things to state first:

  1. I have an eye defect which cannot allow me to see with one eye but on the another still. This might be an issue, because I feel like in the sight of a photo camera, which is just one lens.
  2. I want to take in mind a two-eyed sight, where it’s as realistic as possible.

That said, any ways to simulate a two-eye sight inside Unity using shaders and image effects? As in the case of a non-daltonic person or at least a regular person’s sight? I might want things like sunray bursts or smooth movements too. And I might ask specifically for a list of things to apply to the camera and textures.
I mostly want an approach as close as possible.

The color differences with two eyed sight would probably come from the slight differences in the color reception of each eye. Also, since each eye has a slightly different vantage point, the luminosity of objects will be slightly different to each eye since the light will be bouncing off the objects at slightly different angles.

Binocular vision produces a ghosting effect. The picture I made below illustrates this. The picture on the left is when focusing on the lamp post that’s up close and the picture on the right is when focusing on the mountain in the background. Combining eye tracking with an effect like this might be able to simulate this.

alt text

Someone may be able to write a shader (or come up with a way to combine to camera renders) to simulate both of these things.

*I see that what I was calling ghosting is called parallax.