A Blender Character for Unity - Rigging Problem

I started to make my own characters for Unity in Blender. But when I make rigging, my character’s mesh is destroyed (disappear). I use"Ctrl + P → With automatic weights" and something strange happens to my character. I can’t fix that. Any suggestions?

This strange situation is only in Object and Pose Mode – everything is OK in Edit Mode. Does anybody understand what’s happening?

Thanks for your answer. There are a lot of rigging tutorials. I use Blender 2.68a. I think the problem is in the rigify add-on. When I make rigging without the rigify add-on, everything is OK. But when using the rigify add-on, we must do something else. I make my rig according to - YouTube tutorial. Alas, my mesh is destroyed. So I’m forced to do in other way. I was seeking more information, and I found “Using Blender and Rigify” (http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Manual/BlenderAndRigify.html). It’s Unity Documentation. There are more steps to make so that our mesh can be rigged properly. So after generating with the rigify add-on, we can’t just use Ctrl+P → With automatic weights. Not so fast! We should delete WGT-bones first. All! We can see them in the scene’s hierarchy. Just delete them. They can make a big mess in our mesh. We need only deformation bones.

Then, we can make skinning that is using Ctrl+P → With automatic weights. Skinning for Unity is a complicated process, so I won’t describe it here. Go to the Internet.

So I think my problem is solved. WGT-bones destroyed my mesh. I tried my solution,and my mesh was untouched. It looked good. However, there’s still a lot to learn.