A box collider 2D (Is Trigger marked) stops my player from moving which has rigidbody 2D


My player has a Box Collider 2D and Rigidbody 2D component as well. When I’m moving everything is alright, but when it hits the rope, it stops moving. The rope has a Box Collider 2D which marked as “Is Trigger”. I looked at my code and I don’t see any issues there which can affect this case. Can it be something wrong with my setup or maybe at all is a bug with the engine?

Here is a short video: https://i.gyazo.com/50bedea91d7e2e14ed647b59f3901bc7.mp4
And here is a picture of the Rigidbody 2D: Screenshot - 2bab4a4c0014fa102554738bce6d0158 - Gyazo

Thanks for your time.

Should I report this case as a bug to Unity?