a bug in my walk cycle

Okay, so I have this goblin character in a third person blah blah blah, well, when he walks, there is a pause at the end of the walk animation where he just stands with his hands at his side and slides forward for like two whole seconds until the animation resets. I've looked at my animation in blender, tweaked it in every way I can think to fix the problem, but he still does it. there should be absolutely no delay between the last frame of the animation and the first frame. has anyone had this problem and overcome it? anyone know what I'm doing wrong? please, this is an extremely annoying bug that has kept me from publishing my game for like 2 years now. HELP!

This bug has kept you from publishing the game for TWO entire years? ... sounds like an achievment to not have gotten around it during such a long time, more or less.

Oh well, try applying the scale to your mesh in your 3D app. and also check the fbx importer settings under the animations tab, make sure the walk-animation does not contain unwanted frames (so for example if your walk-animation is from fram 1 to 50 make sure the animation is no set up from 1 - 55 or something like that!)