A build and run issue

So this is my first unity game project and I’ve been doing pretty well. I decided to build and run the game just to see what it looks like and I’ve seme to run into a problem. when I am in my menu the menu screen is small while theres just a big blue background. and its like this for everything besides my gameplay. I’d very much appreciate it if someone knows whats up with this

Update: I am not used to using Forum so I probably should of put an image of my issue

This might be because of the resolution of your Game Window, you may be testing in a bigger resolution that the game isn’t gonna run in. What you should try doing is go to your Game Window and in the option where it says Free Aspect, change it to 1920x1080, that’s the normal resolution of almost any monitor or screen. Then update your Canvas and Cameras so it fits that resolution. That should fix the issue :slight_smile: