A combined com.unity.purchasing package, merges the Unity IAP plugin: 3.0.0

The Unity IAP development team is pleased to announce its plan to release a combined Unity IAP Package Manager package which will include all the features of the current Unity IAP SDK plugin.

Key changes:

  • Unity IAP plugin features and fixes will be available in the com.unity.purchasing package

  • We plan to version this unified SDK as, "com.unity.purchasing@3.0.0"

  • () We anticipate releasing **during January 2021*. This date may change.

  • After the plugin features are successfully published as a package, we plan to stop shipping Unity IAP as a plugin.

This single Package Manager package should simplify SDK installation and upgrades for new and existing users of Unity IAP. Users can simply add the package to their project, and no longer be required to also install the plugin from the Services Window or the Asset Store.

Q: Who can use the package?
A: All users of Unity 2018 Long Term Support and higher will be able to use the package.

Q: What is "plugin" and "package"?
A: Plugin is the SDK currently downloadable from the Unity Asset Store and from the "Import" button in the Services Window's In-App Purchasing section. It is a .unitypackage. It currently (2.2.1) contains specific app-store implementations. **Package* is the Package Manager package. It currently (2.2.1) contains base API classes and core transaction logic.

Q: What will happen to the plugin?
A: We plan to redirect new and upgrading users of the plugin to the package. We will stop publishing Unity IAP as a plugin.

Q: When will 3.0.0 be released?
A: We estimate releasing during January. We will post an update message to the IAP Updates sticky Forum thread when it is available.

Please find additional detail about the current release of what we affectionately refer to as the "split" com.unity.purchasing@2.2.1 package in the Unity IAP Updates sticky announcement Forum thread.

Thank you for your support, we are happy to help with your success.

Please let us know of any concerns or problems with this change.

Best regards,
Unity IAP team

* ETA is January, and "soon"


Cool. I've always found it weird that we have to "Import" the SDK from the Services tab when we have the package manager. Simplification of packages is always welcome. Looking forward to this on January.


Hello our studio have change the plugin ios source code a bit to add discount support and get the store local.
Do you plan to add support for ios app store discount in 3.0.0. If now will I be able to change the package ios source code?


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Please provide a link to the discount documentation that you are referring to, we will take a look.


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Hello, can we use 3.0 in production? Any risks?

We won't release 3.0 until it's ready for production. But you'll want to test yourself to confirm.


I'd like to add that we actually already published 3.0.0-pre.4. This is a preview release, NOT meant for production. We have multiple preview releases milestones we are working on in the next weeks and months to make sure it is production ready like Jeff said.

I'd recommend to wait until at least pre.6 before trying the package, since that will contain our milestone goal of having tested on all stores and the Unity package standards will have been reviewed and applied by then.

We can't give any dates yet, but I can say that it is our goal to have it released as soon as possible.



Can you provide us with instructions on how to safely upgrade to the new package when its time, without breaking anything? Is it as simple as updating to the newest package and removing the installed plug-in?

We will provide instructions. Always make a full project backup first.



We have now published 3.0.0-pre.5. This is a preview release, NOT meant for production on existing games and apps. It is quite stable for GooglePlay and iOS only. Other stores have not been thoroughly tested.

The package description now has upgrade instructions in the Package Manager for those curious with experimenting with it. As Matthieu said above, please wait for -pre.6 or later for more reliability. We'll post more announcements then.


Thank you.

Hi !
Is there any news concerning the expected release date of the Unity IAP unified package?
Will it be released soon (weeks, one or two months) or should we expect a release date (safe for production) in several months?

Thanks in advance for your answer!


Thank you for the interest @VRPlayrion , Unity IAP v3.0.1 is now available.

For Unity 2021 it is a Release package:

  • Add Unity IAP v3 to a new project by first enabling In-App Purchasing from the Services Window.
  • Press the "Install Latest Version" button to install the latest, v3.0.1.

For Unity 2020 and Unity 2019, 3.0.1 is also available. While it is not yet verified in the latest '19 / '20 Unitys, 3.0.1 is ready for production:

  • Add Unity IAP to a new project by first enabling In-App Purchasing from the Services Window.
  • Navigate to the Package Manager
  • Ensure "Unity Registry" is selected as the package list source

  • Type "purchasing" or scroll to "In-App Purchasing"

  • Expand its pop-out triangle to see all available versions of the package

  • Choose 3.0.1 and select the "Update to 3.0.1" button to install the latest, v3.0.1

To upgrade an existing project from Unity IAP (com.unity.purchasing + the Asset Store plugin) versions 2.x to version 3.x, remove the Asset Store plugin from the project. Quick upgrade notes are visible in the package description. Alternatively, use the Migration tooling in the "Unity IAP" menus of 2.2.x before upgrading. Whichever process you choose to upgrade, these steps will need to be completed:

  • Move IAPProductCatalog.json and BillingMode.json

  • FROM: Assets/Plugins/UnityPurchasing/Resources/

  • TO: Assets/Resources/.

  • Move AppleTangle.cs and GooglePlayTangle.cs

  • FROM: Assets/Plugins/UnityPurchasing/generated

  • TO: Assets/Scripts/UnityPurchasing/generated.

  • Remove all remaining Asset Store plugin folders and files in Assets/Plugins/UnityPurchasing from the project.

Closing this announcement thread. Please see pinned release notes thread for more.