A complete newby looking for what seems like a simple project.

Someone please take pity and help the lost looking guy on his first day. I'd like to create something the app linked (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-startup-interactive-game/id1507772627) would be perfect for. Well it's structure and functionality anyway. Another example of what I'm looking for https://apps.apple.com/us/app/president-election-simulator/id1501865821

Be given a situation, choose one of the options, loose points & money depending on the choice you make, who know, maybe even gain point and money with some options too. Simple graphics (I'd even settle for still photos and text) will be enough. I've looked for hours, I can't find the right solution.

PLEASE help ! Feel free to laugh along the way, I deserve it.




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Simple graphics (I’d even settle for still photos and text) will be enough. I’ve looked for hours, I can’t find the right solution
It is not a thing where you truly need a “solution”, because something like this can be developed from scratch.

At a core it is very similar a quiz. Can you make a quiz application?

If not maybe go to learn.unity.com or start reading documentation.

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the app is unity, dont need anything special to make a basic text adventure.

just break it down into the simplest problesm you can see.

navigate from one UI button to another. Press confirm or cancel on a button.

when button is pressed, print some text.

Iterate through a string array on each button press.

Once you get that working then expand to next level of detail. How to get a specific string from array, in case we don't always want to go in sequential order?

If you get started and then can come up with more specific questions as you go along it will be easy to get some help, asking in the appropriate scripting subforums.

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OK, understood. Thanks both of you, it really helps when you're lost, blind and don't know where you need to go!


Try looking up "how to make reigns in Unity". Since Reigns was a very popular menu-driven game I think there are lots of tutorials out there. You can probably adapt that to what you want.

I'll move this to the Getting Started forum.