A Cube made from cubes

I want to make a main cube made from smaller cubes like 5*5*5 and i want to use joints for holding small cubes together, and i don't know which kind of joint to use(i want my small cubes to move when i hit them and shake the main cube too!!!)????

  • i used character joint for my small cubes but the way i used to do it is not very easy i made a center small cube with 124 character joint and connect the other small cubes to it!!!!

You want Jello(tm).

I've not done a lot with joints, but it seems like what you might need are a heck of a lot of them. Create an object at the corner of each cube, the intersection that is, where cube corners meet (plus the 8 outer-most corners of course). Then connect each of those objects to their neighbors using joints, I'm guessing Spring joints. Then to render it, you'd probably create a mesh or meshes, probably on the outer 6 surfaces, whose vertices will follow those objects. Or whatever.