A Cube next to other cube have a weird line between outlined,Cube next to other Cube have weird line outlined


Hey folks,
i have created in blender a cube with a hole through it and export it to unity. Now in, Unity I added it to the enviroment, back to back two cubes (the cube i created in blender) and my Question is, why there is a weird line between these cubes. So to it proof if I created two cubes from unity objects and place them next to next to eachother I dont get any of these weird lines between.
What could be the problem?

Best regards

Firstly My Dude Check These Out:


Another Interesting Idea for fixing this issue is going to to the texture used on the models (if you’re using none see above answers) go to the advanced tab and deselect Generate Mip Maps, they are a set of tiny versions of the texture, and when used can lead to some weird floating point error bois. I’m not an expert but it can work in some cases.