A different kind of billboarding for particles..

When the camera is stationary (but rotating) billboarded items rotate as the camera rotates. There are some times when I’d prefer that this does not happen.

Has anyone faced this problem? (no pun intended). How do you fix it?

you can implement alternative “billboarding” in a shader. one way to achieve it is to set the size of all particles to 0 and use texture coordinates to distinguish the 4 corners of the particles (which will be 0,0; 0,1; 1,0 and 1,1). you then calculate the direction and offset by which to move each corner from its original position.

I assume you’ve tried the different billboarding modes available in the Particle Renderer component?

The standard billboard is aligned to the screen coordinates for what I know.

This said, what do you need this for?