A Few Modding questions.

for my game, I would like it to be modable.

If any of you have played a game called “BlockLand” you would know that back then there where files named “Map_MAPNAMEHERE” And that they were located under an addons folder.

I would love to do the same thing, exept I am not really well versed in Unityjava.

anyways, I wanna start small, I would like for me to be able to go into game, then a gui chooser says coose map, and it will access all my maps I have in my folder.

then I will choose a map, and boom is instantiates the FBX files, as well as many others like skybox and such.

FBX files will also be made in Blender.

Is that possible to do?

(since it is dang near impossible to do multiplayer, I wanna do modding I guess)


How would I find a file FBX in a folder directory. then get that FBX that’s in a folder, and import and instantiate it into a level in unity?

I guess put it under RESOURCES with the maps and materials ready.
Then use Resources.Load(“mymap”,GameObject);

Yes, it is possible to do this but with lots of efforts and patience.

But it does not work like you think where you can not just load a FBX file in the game and it will start working.

For this to work you need to have a format to store the data of your map files that will be loaded in the game.

You need to have an editor where you will create the map that you can load in your game. In case of “BlockLand” you can use an existing 3D modeling application but to convert it into the map you need to use the exporter extension provided by them. That extension takes care of converting the 3D model into a map.

So the output file contains the details required by the map to work in the game.

Then in your game you can load that file and read its contents and build the map on your own.

The amount of work required depends on how much customizations are to be allowed in the mod.

IMHO, If you believe

(since it is dang near impossible to
do multiplayer, I wanna do modding I

then allowing feature to create mods is not a cakewalk either. (Although creating a mod for a game is different.)