A friendly reminder... (please read this before starting a new thread)

On behalf of the forum moderators (I do hope they will write their own thread like this and pin it up…), I’d like to ask YOU to please, please, please consider before starting YET ANOTHER thread about wanting to grab the issue for Inventory System or Spawn System or whatever else that there is likely a thread regarding that subject already in existence.

I would suggest refraining from starting duplicate threads so that the discussion (and the project) doesn’t become a train wreck and impossible for Unity reps to handle. So, to reiterate:


Let’s play nice and have a good experience with this cool project! :wink:


I agree with your point.

I think it would be easier to manage if there were not currently 3+ topics on inventory and soon maybe a lot more.
I think the unity team should consider looking into pre-creating forum topics one per discuss card in advance for people to talk about, as its difficult to check if there is already one created

the announcement went up recently so i imagine in 24 hours+ a lot more people would be willing to join


Yep! Fully agree with Austin. It would be cool if there were pre-filled threads related to Codeck's cards. Therefore avoiding multiple threads pointing to the same request. It would also be nice to have a standard TAG, relating to the subject at the beginning of each thread's names.


Feels like people weren't read contribution guidelines :eyes:

@luisquid mine was original

I agree with @KingAustin 's point. It would help structure the conversations a lot more if the guys at Unity could nominate/create one discussion thread per card, with the cards linking to the forum thread, and the forum thread containing a link to the card. Bonus points if the Unity forum software allows merging of the already posted threads into the main card thread.

As for the contribution guidelines, whenever I created my thread on the inventory system earlier it was as quick for me to clone the repo, and knock up a basic item SO and inventory manager as it would be for me to write a pseudo-code implementation of it. When I started to write up my thread, there were no other discussion threads, though I believe by the time I'd actually hit the submit button one other thread had been posted.

I feel like, as the Unity team haven't really done a project like this before there will be some teething problems during the first few days, especially if the overall idea proves popular.

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Thanks for the sensible post, miksaraj.

As you all have seen we are consolidating multiple threads into one so that the discussion is centralised per game system, or module. We definitely didn’t expect multiple people to jump on the same feature, 2 hours into the launch of the trailer!

In any case, we do suggest not to start working on something if you haven’t heard from us. That would generally avoid a lot of duplication work which, otherwise, would be impossible to avoid. We try to have pretty fast response times.

Thanks, all.