A game like Need For Speed?

I want to develop a racing game with controls and gameplay similar to that of Need For Speed/Forza / other AAA racing titles. Is it possible to achieve that with the Unity Engine?
If so… where do i start, where is a good place to learn?

from “a game like nfs” i mean - the car should handle , drift and accelerate like that.

I have created a basic car controller script which accelerates the car and changes gears pretty well… but it doesn’t drift or turn nicely, i need it to drift when i tap the brakes - like cars in nfs do.

(i am not posting the code, as it is very unoptimized, has got tons of variables and functions, and would completely piss you off.Nevertheless, it is very basic… no magic!!)

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s possible but not with Unity standard components. The WheelCollider is mostly a joke IMHO. Think on using a third-party library.

This one is Vehicle Physics Pro for Unity 3D (http://vehiclephysics.com):