A game like Worms

Well, first of all i wish to explain that… i’m not an expert but i have so many ideas in my head and i am full like an egg(so… i am about to explode :dd). I’d like to learn how to use the Unity3D, because i really like the games and the technological world behind which hides the development of it. I always liked to play Worms, Bad Eggs Online and all games like that. Therefore, i would like to have advice from experts(you are definitely more experienced than me) on how to do something like. Absolutely, i do not want to have the precise guide to how to do it, because do not exists! But any suggestions would be appreciated.

Even small details can make a difference by helping me a lot. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

*** To use unity to the fullest these features are most important***

External mesh creation (Free|Paid) With concept based design

Sounds (Free|Paid)

Logic (Free|Paid)

Scripting (C#|JS)


***Sound is more important than you think ***

Try to practice making sound fx and music

Graphics is what most 21st century gamers want so

Experiment with particle systems

Try out the new Image effects



Scripting and logic

Know the basic concept

Know about Public, Static and Private variables

Learn Raycasts

Learn Keyboard and mouse Input

Learn Touch Input

Know about loops

Know about common errors and debugging

Try to answer people in the answer page

*** You’ll also need to practice Unity
so I Recommend to start with these projects***

Create an Air Hockey game

Create a Space shooter

Create a FPS

Now you are a Beginner

To be an expert I would say you would need at least 1-2 years experience in using unity
I have been using unity for about 6 months but I still need to ask questions and stuff

You’ll need to work hard to do this

And If you want my help Anywhere else then ask a question and write @OsmiousH in the end