A GameObject is missing in GameView


I have a strange question. I place a very simple brick in my scene, but it disappear in game view.
See my screenshot:

alt text

alt text![alt text][3]!

Thank you.

Turn off the animation components (untick it) for all the bricks.

As @farooqaaa said it’s the animation that’s causing the issues… if you want to retain the animation you’ll need to parent the objects individually to a blank GameObject and move that instead.,You have an animation on the object…

You are sure it doesn’t get moved? Why you selected the object that is visible in your screenshot and not the one the isn’t visible. If it’s still in place you should see the gizmo at it’s original place.

You have an animation component attached to your object. Are you sure there is no animation that moves your object to 0,0,0?

You also can move the objects at runtime. Select it, drag it, play with it. If it’s still there you should be able to make it visible. We can’t test these things for you.