A general collision and condition check with clicking issue

Im putting together a simple game where you click and drag bubbles and combine them with other bubbles.

Im a bit stuck with a condition check where;

  • The selected bubble has mouse down (im using the standard asset script ‘Drag’ attached to camera)
  • Collision with another bubble
  • Collided bubble has mouse up(mouse release will make the action complete)

I had a general idea and did a series of if checks in a script attached to the bubble prefab, collision check through oncollisionenter, if(input.GetMouseDown(0)) etc

This seems to be only reporting debug data back once, I used oncollisionstay to see if that made a difference but not getting anywhere.

Also noticed during testing that I can drag the bubble away and upon another collision it wont report debug data once as standard.

Any ideas at all including if you have a better way of checking the conditions are all welcome. Cheers :slight_smile:

If they are bubbles, don’t use collisions at all, just check distance.