A guide to pre-release testing

The purpose of the alpha and beta phases is to ensure that everything is working as expected before the developed Unity version is officially released. You can help by providing us with information about your user experiences.

If you discover that something is not working as expected, there are some measures you can take to get the issue addressed.

Assess the situation

Primary actions

Secondary actions

  • Was the issue already reported, but you want to make sure your case will be covered by a fix?

  • Submit a bug report with a minimal reproduction project and respond to requests from Unity personnel.

  • Is there an existing forum thread about the issue?

  • Reply with a description of your case. If not, start a new thread referencing your bug report's Issue ID.

For more specific information, please have a look at this detailed guide to bug reporting in the context of the alpha & beta.

If you have any questions or other feedback regarding the pre-release and its features, be it positive or negative, please let us know about it. Just keep the forum guidelines in mind when you start a new thread.

Thank you for your help.