A* Huge terrain

I have a 10000x10000 unity terrain, and I plan to use A* as a AI Solution. The problem is that the terrain can’t contain that much detail, it has a limit of 1024x1024, does anybody that use A* have a solution to this. I know that it is possible to move the grid as the player moves, but that creates conflicts, when the AI isn’t inside the player’s grid.

Depends on what solution you’re using, a common technique is to use a hierarchical approach, in which you have multiple levels of path finding.

E.g. your large grid is broken into a coarser grid (say 64x64 spanning the whole terrain) knowing which of those regions your start and end is in lets you path at that higher level, requiring fewer things to check, then that resulting path contains the regions in which you then do the more detailed search.

You can then do this at as many different levels as works best for you project.

Unfortunately I can’t recommend any specific asset solutions for this as I’ve not got any experience with the store offerings, but I’m sure there are some solutions out there that would properly handle this.