A list of commands that will wait before running the next

I have a list that is filled randomly with vector3s and a time to go with them. I want to be able to run each element in order but only if the previous has been run. I am curious if any one has programmed something along these lines before or has a good approach.

        Vector3 first = transform.up;
        float time = 3.0f;
        Vector3 second = transform.up;
        float time2 = 5.0f;
        Vector3 third = transform.up;
        float time3 = 8.0f;
        wait and see if first is complete
        if true

public bool canProceed = false;
public IEnumerator void WaitForTimer(float X)
int timer = 0;
canProceed = false;
while (timer < X)
yield return null;
canProceed= true;
Debug.Log( " Wait for X number of seconds, You can now Proceed";

Use Coroutines to create timers and do your calculation. If you want to learn something new, Learn Promise timers

int idx;
Vector3 v;
float f;

	void Start () {
		v = new Vector3[3];
		f = new float[3];

		v [0] = new Vector3 (1f, 1f, 1f);
		v [1] = new Vector3 (2f, 2f, 2f);
		v [2] = new Vector3 (3f, 3f, 3f);

		f [0] = 1f;
		f [1] = 2f;
		f [2] = 3f;
	void Update(){

	void doit () {if (idx < v.Length) {
						print ("vector is :" + v [idx] + "float is: " + f [idx]);
		else {print ("im all done doing it");}