A little question about sprites and RAM on a specific device??

Hello. I plan on making a 2d sprite based video game. But before I do so, I encountered some games within sprite animation and have wondered how much ram they take up. My main concern is if I use a certain number of sprites, it will affect the RAM and performance. Using the profiler may or may not help. Let’s say this image(https://i.imgur.com/WJ4gA0y.png) has 210kb if downloaded; then if you look at the dimensions, it will say 706 x 823. My question is if you take that 1 sprite and put it in the RAM(lets say 4GB),will it affect the performance In any way? I’m still trying to figure this out

Memory usage has very little to do with performance. Usually it’s the main trade-off with optimization, to take up more RAM, or to calculate things on the fly causing performance drops.

Keep in mind that different platforms have different RAM availability with iOS having straight up limitations on how much RAM your application can use.