A Logo screen/Animation


I am currently in the process of producing a short game for a non-commercial competition. The object is to create a short game, a demo type thing really, with 5 checkpoints/objectives. My team and I are creating a fictional game developer company to make it seem more professional. We have created a logo animation with adobe aftereffects. How does one put the logo animation in the game before the title screen?

We need it to work something like this: When you initialize the game it says;“Powered by Unity” and then our logo animation plays through and then the title screen comes on.

Thanks for any help.

Render your logo out as a movie. Then have the first scene in the game just display your movie - which will be a plane with a movie texture applied to it.

You can just make a video of your logo animation then load it in an independant scene or in the same scene.

In our case I did an independant scene then I load my video for logo animation with this script :


If you don’t understand something ask me :wink: