A lot of unverified revenue

Hi guys!
My games, which uses IAP, has been downloaded 2k Times recently, so I decided to check what the revenue is. It has almost 70$ unverified revenue from yesterday, but the verified revenue equals 0. What does it mean? There are a lot of unverified transactions. Will I receive the money? What can I do?

Unverified revenue is revenue that cannot be validated with the relevant app store.

Unverified revenue can come from a few different sources. If the receipt parameter of a transaction is null for either iOS or Android, the system will categorize the revenue as unverified.

This is also true if the signature parameter is null for Android.

When receipt and signature (on Android) values are being correctly passed in, revenue can still be considered as unverified if the app store says it is invalid. This can happen with revenue generated from testing, or from fraudulent purchases.


Integrating Client Side Receipt Validation is one approach to protecting against fraud: Unity - Manual: Receipt validation

It’s a cryptographic verification of the transaction.
Essentially, grab your Google Play Public Key from your account, paste it into the Dialog, and integrate the code from the link above. Then, only “fulfill” the purchase if receipt validation succeeds.

Hello @GoGoLoN,

Did this ever changed for you or did you find any solution?
My app is 4 days old in the store and I don’t believe it’s famous enough for someone to try hack it already.
Unverified revenue is 2 or 3 times greater than verified on Android.


Hello @joaocarrion,
It has never changed. The game became quite famous at some point (has reached ~650k downloads overall), so it’s very likely that some of the players have tried to obtain the paid content using some hacks/fraudalent techniques. I have no knowledge of how those work, so I can’t tell for sure if that was the cause of the weird statistics. I ended up re-testing my IAPs to make sure they work properly and leaving the case. Sorry, but looks like I’m unable to help you with that. However, if you ever figure out that, please share the solution here. Good luck with your game!