A million dollar game wins 0.4 dollar but why?

Hi all,

Does anyone know what is happening in here?
My android game requests 2600 advertisements. On the other hand applovin and connected sub networks (Ironsource, AdColony, AdMob) only fills 338 of it.
What does that mean?
Why is this happening?
What is wrong with them?


May I know which mediation network are you using?

Sure it is Applovin

Thanks, as I mentioned in another thread it is better you check it out with Applovin support. They will have access to the underlying data and do the investigation for you.

I am sorry to say (and share) but applovin customer care is really slow I got simple answers after 3 days and it is not "Solution center" it is "Consolidation center" I only chosen them because their interface is really foxy.