A* pathfinding project - How to avoid other moving objects?

Hi. So im using Aron Granburgs A* pathfinding plug in, and I must say, its pretty awesome. The only issue I have right now is that since the walkable areas are calculated before hand, the npcs using it run into eachother all the damn time. Is there any way of preventing them running into eachother? Maybe a way to adjust theur paths if theyre too close or something?

Im still new with this plugin so I have a lot to learn. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A* can easily find paths in a dynamic environment. Your plugin may not do this, but in theory it’s completely possible.

If the issue is just NPCs colliding, you do not need A* for that. You can use a much cheaper distance based calculation.

If you need NPCs to be able to form new routes based on NPCs blocking walkable spaces, then yes you’ll need a more robust plugin (or find the missing option to turn it on, if there is one)