a place to search for fellow developers to team up with for game creation?

i am a unity user for quite a while now, expert at nothing, but enough to get along with, i know blender (level intermediate+) ,C#(i’am awesome with the actual programming, but quite new to whole unity programming thing). i would work on any game provided it teaches me something

Its the same for me! I have been programming for years now (mostly Java though) but I never really tried to use the Unity API until recently.
Anyways, if I would already have enough confidence in my abilities I would go looking for a team on these websites

OR you could go visit the game ideas subreddit. There are tons of ideas for small and big games there. If you are like me and enjoy new challenges you could try to make some of these a reality.
(Or you could ask me, I have lots of ideas for triple A titles ;D)