A problem with UnityLinker.exe and Unity Remote Config

So I wrote a script to do some stuff with Unity Remote Config. And everything works fine in the editor. But when I try to build the game for android. I get an error saying that UnityLinker.exe didnt run properly. I narrowed the problem down to the script in which I handle some Unity Remote Stuff. And within that script I narrowed the problem even more down to these 2 lines:

ConfigManager.FetchCompleted += CheckForUpdates;
ConfigManager.FetchConfigs<userAttributes, appAttributes>(new userAttributes(), new appAttributes());

If I exclude these 2 lines from the script, everything builds fine.

After changing the Managed stripping level to either low or medium, the issue was resolved.

Edit: In Unity 2020.1, the apk gets build correctly again, even when the stripping level is set to high.

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