A question about colliders.

In most cellphone games, I found that they are all using “Box_Collider” to make each model’s colliders. And I searched a lot infos and asked a lot of people, they are all telling me “use Cube to make colliders”.But what if I have a Irregular polygon like a star shape? I have no idea how to make its collider by using some cubes.

I see that Unity has a “Mesh Collider” component, but I don’t know how much memory its gonna cost. because I really need to reduce the memory cost as possible as I can so that my game can run on an iPhone. so I am here asking for help…

thank you very much!

The cheapest collider in terms of performance is the sphere collider, then comes box collider. The mesh collider is the most expensive one.

So use the sphere collider wherever possible and if you don't need exakt collision detection based on the actual mesh.