A question about porting to steam.

So this is probably a half steam half unity related question, but I am working on my game right now and I wanted to know what kind of things you will have to do to make it into a file that steam can deal with when you upload it to greenlight. To clarify my question, I DO NOT want hear about how unlikely it is that my game will get greenlit. Every other question people have asked on the subject that i could find has been answered in the following manner, “There is no way you are going to get greenlit, don’t try”. I don’t care, I just want to know how to give my “shot to the moon” a chance. thank you in andvance.

Is this not covered in Steam :: Steam News :: Evolving Steam ?

Hi @jylehr,

Did you solve your question?
I also hope to have a published game in Steam. There are more answers related to Steamworks, the API used to have access to Steam from your game. As far as I know, the best option is Steamworks.NET. It is a free and open source C# wrapper for Steamworks.