A road to follow?

Hello guys I have a few question.

-I’m making a infinite runner game that has down hill roads which movement method should I use?

-While I’m using physic force to move my player it lose contact with the road and never goes back. Is there any way to make him follow a road that has down and uphills. (because if i restrict an axis i m not able to go for up or down hill.)

-And most importantly is there a good tutorial that you know to learn generate an infinite runner environment with a few basic prefabs like houses trees etc.

Thanks :slight_smile:

for toturial u should search im sure there are some of them in youtube;

but also therer are some good packages that u can buy from asset strore or maybe u find some free ;


the best way to move in runner game i think is with :

transform.Transflate(Vector3.forward * MoveSpeed );

this just move the player in a straight direction so what u need is to set an array of objects in the road and make the player to look at their position with this "