A scene over another

i have 3 different scenes on my project im using LoadScene(“MainScene”); and work!, but when the “MainScene” scene display, the old scene stay on the background and suddenly i have some issues with the performance and (There are 2 audio listeners in the scene. Please ensure there is always exactly one audio listener in the scene.) appears on the console.
how can i have isolate scenes and when i change of scene i want the other scenes to disappear

Before LoadScene

After LoadScene

if you would help me i really appreciate.

Pd: i’m not native speaker, sorry for the bad english.

Wow! @Mavina thanks for quick response!.

-i I use “MainScene” just for a example because if i win (SceneManager.LoadScene (“win”):wink: or lose (SceneManager.LoadScene (“lose”):wink: i have the same problem.

-i Per scene each have just one audio listener in the main camera. when i use each scene alone i have not issue in the console just when i change the scene with LoadScene.

-i All my scenes are listed in the Scenes in Build.

GameScene Scene view.

lose Scene view.