A simple Question (and maybe a stupid one) Transferring Xcode to iPad

I am testing the Level1 of my game developed in Unity and converted to Xcode. I ran the Xcode and it works good.
I selected to play the Game in the real iPad (not the Simulator) and while the iPad an my Mac are connected the Game works great but if I disconnect both I can not running the Game in my iPad.

My question:
Is this the way like this thing works (the iPad and the Mac attached to play the game in the Ipad) or I missed something. BTW, I downloaded and installed the World Wide Certificate, the Developer Certificate, the Provisioning Cerificate, and the KeyChain Certificate (something.cer).

If everything is set up properly, you should be able to just use Command-B to build (in Unity, which launches XCode for you) and install and run (on the device). All in one.5 keystrokes.

Excuse me for insisting: after this step you are describing, can I run the Game with the iPad disconnected from the Mac? or the iPad and Mac should remain connected to play the game in the iPad?