A small Christmas update: Tutorials, Unite other resou

Hi guys...

Are you sitting on the 26th feeling all fed and lazy? The winter cold is coming in and you're NOT going out there before it gets warm again..


We've got some stuff that should keep you busy for long enough that Christmas is basically over and done with before you need to go outside again.

Go to http://unity3d.com/support/ and take a look around - we've got a bunch of resources for you - especially our new 3d platform tutorial - 100+ pages of detailed walkthrough and great artwork!

There's also all the sessions from Unite 07. So if you missed out on the fun or just want to relive the happy days in SF - that's the place to go!

On a personal note, a great thanks to you all for a great year... See you in '08


Thanks! Trying the networking example out now.

WOW :shock:
That platformer tut looks amazing. I hope my family wasn't expecting to see me over the holidays. Now if my game sucks, I only have myself to blame. You've given me the tools and the know-how. NO engine can compete with these docs, and I'm glad you guys realize the importance of them. Congrats!

Wooo hooo! :)

Yay!!! I can't wait to go through all of the Unite resources :)

Fantastic stuff! I love the gem shader...just a little thing: the example scene has missing mesh renderers and colliders for the purple and turquoise diamonds, but you can add them yourself from the source meshes (I used Cube_001 and Sphere).


oh hell yes.

thanks so much guys - now go have a stiff drink relax ; )

Thank you for about 3.5 tons. :-)

Especially the networking demo is something I've been waiting for! Thanks a lot.

Thanks for sharing! Fun to watch... :O)

A tip for you: If it's cold, go outside and run, i promise a few minutes later you'll want to undress no matter how cold it was before...

Thanks - the Unite stuff is great.

I bet the Sector3 guys will be at the beach - it's usually about 40° C on Xmas day in Australia. I'm jealous! :)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I didn't find out about Unity until after the Unite get together so this is a real bonus seeing those sessions online now.

But maybe they just face death in form of three copper sharks. ;O)

Great stuff!
Thanks a ton.

Ah, x-mas was yesterday ;-)

Thanks UT - this is grrrreeatly appreciated!!!


@Taumel - LOL, I don't know why everyone thinks there are so many sharks in Australia - only a couple of people get eaten each year.

I think that's because in germany we've 0 casualites due o this, as far as i know. I think i rather meet the Yeti in the alps instead of a shark. Beside of this Spielberg obviously is to blame for...

Man, I have been jonesing for new tuts. I'm hoping all the bugs in the FPS tutorial are worked out. I have been stumped in the 3rd FPS Tut. After you add the robot, it is never visible in the game view. You can see it moving around as a wire frame ball in the scene views during game play, but it never becomes visible in the game view. I know the tut was very old and perhaps this was an an compatibility between the tut files and Unity 2.0. But for a non-scripter noob like me, that has completely halted my learning process. Downloading the new files now and hoping something has changed!

Thanks for all the hard work to get these out for the holiday season OOTE/Unity Tech.!

Just back at home and this is the best present I could think of. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much :)

Great work Guys!!! Thanks for the networking example!!!