A Sprite move like a racecar, can it be done?

right now I’m in the middle of figuring how I can make a playerobject move around like a simple Kart, like from Mario kart, but here’s the thing. The graphics of the player a basically sprites, and I want them to move around a 3d environment. here’s a video to show what I’m trying to go for.

Mario Kart Unity →

So anyway, is there anything that can be done? what do you think I should do? Anybody got some ideas?

  1. Import the ‘vehicles’ asset pack into your project.
  2. move the ‘car’ prefab into your scene and move the camera so the car is seen from your desired point of view
  3. create a plane above the unity ‘car’ asset.
  4. Make this plane a child of the ‘car’ gameobject.
  5. Make the sprite a material and attach it to the plane.
  6. Remove all of the mesh renderers on the car child objects until the car in invisible (you may have to leave a mesh renderer on the brake lights and some other things or you may get errors)
  7. Play around with object positions and settings until you have what you want
  8. Enjoy!