A text which is not following camera

Hi ! ^^

I know how to create a text with Unity.UI and a canvas and it’s very usefull because it follows camera (so perfect for life, gold,…).
But I want to create a text, exactly like those I speak over (which is linked to a code, who can change when a value is changed,…) but which is not following the camera ^^

Thank for you answer ! ^^

hi ,
what do you mean by not following camera?do you mean the text move with character and camera follow it? you can change the render of canvas to screen space-camera.send a screen shot if not fixed.
you want a inputfield text that when you change the value do some thing?
or you have a text , changing text on other scripts and want to be changed?

I want to put the text somewhere in the level and I want it doesn’t move ^^

What do you mean by change the render of canvas ? ^^