A tree couldn't be loaded because the prefab is missing

I keep seeing this error, “A tree couldn’t be loaded because the prefab is missing”, however I removed all of the trees on my terrains that I can see. The error doesn’t belong to any of my scripts so double clicking it doesn’t open any scripts.

Does anyone know how to find the actual tree or clear out all trees from a terrain to remove this error? or even find which prefab it’s talking about?

I’m using multiple terrains streamed at runtime so there may be a single tree somewhere that i don’t know, which makes it hard as I can’t just select the object and break the instance to the prefab because I don’t know where the object is.

Thanks in advance.

Hey guys, i’ve found the answer to this issue in an old thread which is still relevant.

If you get this issue you just select each of the terrains and when you see that there is a missing tree in there you edit and then remove it.

The thread is here: https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/strange-tree-error.18353/


Thanks in advance my brother it got resolved.

Is there any chance the error could tell us which scene or terrain it is?
I’m only getting it at build time and it’s a right pain to check every terrain in every scene in the project >:(

I have removed all trees and still getting this error at index 0 and 1.
So I assigned a new tree to 0 and 1 for all terrains, still getting this error.