A unity job process is taking up 95%+ of my physical memory, causing my PC to ,lock up.

When in my task manager the unity job process takes up 95%+ and after a minute or 2 this causes my PC to lock up and freeze completely, Ctrl alt del doesn’t even work so I have to press the reset button on my PC.

In the bottom right on Unity on the jobs bar thing, it gets stuck at 5/11 on a clustering job or something. There was one rare occasion where unity worked past 2 minutes and then I got an error saying: clustering job failed for system (really long number), error: -1 - ‘Unknown error.’

Any help on this would be great, if I could isolate why the error occurs I could maybe fix it.


Window > Lighting > Lightmaps > Uncheck Auto.

Worked for me.

I have had this error occur just now.

For me, I had to de-select the ‘lightmap static’ option for ALL of my Static items in the Hierarchy. So anything you have checked as Static you might want to go in and un-check the lightmap. It just continuously eats your memory.

You may notice that after each game object you correctly de-select static lightmapping for, a job process that is waiting to be completed will disappear from the “5/11 Clustering Jobs remaining” count.

Best of luck, this is quite frustrating to deal with.

Sorry if this old. My way is to set affinity for JobProcess.exe not running on CPU Core 1.
Because most other programs use core 1, so i let JobProcess only use other Cores.

How? go to task manager > details tab > find the JobProcess.exe > right click to set affinity

I have 100% is used, and is still visible only the upper part of the screen with buttons. hanging processes 2 shader compiler and 2 job process + unity editor. not very optimized (

Vote on this: Unity Issue Tracker - [Enlighten] Stuck at clustering jobs when baking lightmaps

{FIXED* }Try this It helped me.