a variable that allows you to choose either x,y, or z?

I have a script that makes the character move 1 space in the Z direction, when you press “f” by a door it will move you inside, but i want it to be a variable because then i can attach it to building with a different direction door. so basicly how do i make a variable that you either fill in a letter or has three options… each a letter?

I think your talking about a Vector3? which is a position in space and allows you to store X,Y,Z but the way you are using it sounds like you might be better off using 3 different variables.

Add a Vector3 public variable to the script. When you move the player, move it by that amount.

So, if right now you’re doing something like

playerTransform.position.z += 1;

Instead do

var playerMoveAmount : Vector3;

function MyTrigger ()
    playerTransform.position += playerMoveAmount;

I’m making a lot of assumptions because you didn’t post any code, but you’d make sure MyTrigger is called whenever the event that causes the player to move happens.

Do you mean you want the script to be robust, and able to be placed in a 3d world regardless of door rotation, so the character can “use” the door and be placed on the otherside regardless of if that’s 1 in the z, 5 in the z, or 5 in the y?

var moveDist : int = 5;

function OnMouse()
//collision check - make sure there's something there, not empy space
var hit = physics.raycast(transform.position, vector3.forward*moveDist, hit);
//make sure it's the door, and not some kind of manatee
if(hit.tag = "Door")
//Translate("jump to") to a position that is forward along the current rotation of the //current object(ie, z-axis), by an amount equal to moveDist(vector3.forward is 0,0,1)
transform.Translate(vector3.forward * moveDist);

Might have syntax wrong, did it from my head, but a quick doc check will sort that out. moveDist will be avaliable via the editor, and you can change it like any other object property - if your doors are six units thick, set it to 6. Apply the script to the camera or the player object.