A way to add background to Text control

I am creating description text for a card game. The description has keyword that should have black background with white text. It is easy to change the color of the text with rich text but there is no functionality for background.

Is there a way to add background to parts of text?

I saw packages in the AppStore to help me but I feel that there should be a way to do it without paying money for add ons. It is JUST the background color I need to change.

@ZammyIsOnFire1 You can use a Panel object. (GameObject/UI/Panel).

If you copy the Rect Component of your Text box and paste the values into the Rect Component of the new panel, it’ll jump to the right size and place.

If you make the panel a child of the text box it’ll follow it around.

If you wanted to, you could probably write an [ExecuteInEditor] script that kept the Rect components synced up which would mean you never had to touch the panel object again.