A way to interact with objects?

I want to add a way to interact with ingame objects? for example a radio on the table is their a way when close to it you can make it say: press enter to interact and you press enter and a form a GUI comes up to change music or such?

Thanks in advance!

You could make a trigger on an area of ground near it so that when your player activates the trigger a GUI.Label will come that says “Press Enter to interact with the radio” and require the user to press enter with Input.GetKey(“Enter”); and then add a GUI box with toggles for the music.

Use a collider with onTriggerEnter, when a relevant game object enters the collider have it display a GUI message.

That’s a too general question, because it involves a lot of things :

Trigger, trigger events.
Keyboard inputs

Look all those things in the manual, everything is there.