A work around for Serialization depth limit ?

Hello, i have the warning message “Serialization depth limit 7 exceeded at ‘MyClass.myList’. There may be an object composition cycle in one or more of your serialized classes” in my script.
I know why it does that but i would like to know how i can’t avoid this error. Some people advice to make a list of an integrer or a string to refer indirectly to my class, but i don’t know how to do that exaclty. Here is the script i want to make :

public class someGuy
     public string hisName;
     public List<someGuy> hisEnnemies = new List<someGuy>();

myFunction() {
string string1 = someGuy3.hisName;
string string2 = someGuy3.hisEnnemies[Random.Range(0, someGuy3.hisEnnemies.Count)].hisName;
Debug.Log (string2 + " is an ennemy of " + string1);

Thanks !

The problem is that every SomeGuy instance creates another list of SomeGuy instances, which creates another and so on. This will go on forever until you get a stack overflow. Unless you really need to, get rid of the enemies list.