Aaah what happened to my Strumpy shaders? (all black after 3.5 final!)

When I upgraded from preview version 3.5f1 of Unity to the release version of 3.5, all the shaders I made in Strumpy Shader Editor are black. ( Not magenta; black ). Other shaders (built-in, simple handmade ones, text shaders) are not affected. But most of my shaders were SSE generated ones, and now they’re all burnt toast.
Did the same thing happen to anyone else? How can I fix it?
This is Not Good.

Which version of Strumpy are you on? Looks like the most recent is SSE 4.0b, which addressed some issues moving into Unity 3.5.

After the upgrade, it defaulted to Graphics Emulation : iPhone-FBXLite.