Abandoned Train, Asset Pack seeking Pre-Release Tester

I need a tester(s) to try out my Unity release of my Abandoned Train Pack.
I'm new to Unity and only think I know what I'm doing.
Just let me know if you're interested and you'll get a copy of the project (only giving out a couple copies to the tester(s) I select), which you are free to use the assets in your own projects using the Unity Asset store terms.

Image below is of the UE4 version, which does slightly differ.

I'd be interested in trying out your asset pack for post apocalyptic game I am working on.


Will send a link tomorrow when I get it uploaded.

Bump for anymore takers...

Bump again...

If you are open to criticism than I think textures should have higher resolutions.
On your screen It does not look very impressive.

I'll take a look, if the offer stands (2020.2, URP 10)

Not sure how anyone could tell from the screenshot I posted.
Although that was an issue and was solved in UE4 with material layering, and in Unity with detail maps. Which is also why they will look different between the two engines as I had to redo the texturing.
Is that based on the image above or screenshots from elsewhere?

It was not that hard. Textures looks kind of blurred.
So there are usually 2 situations.
Mipmap problem.
Texture low resolution.