About 360 video quality


I just have a question about 360 videos. I downloaded a 360 2K video. When I read it from Windows, there is no problem, but when I use it into a reverse sphere in unity, the video looks like very compressed, I tried 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K with and without transcode.

I really don’t understand. Is it normal ? Is it a compression option in Unity for videos I missed ? I built and run on windows, with Fantastic presets and on Android.

Here is an example: (Original on left, exported with unity on right)

Thanks you very much for any answer.

+1 I’m having this same problem!

Same issue here. Anyone have solved?

I got an issue of jagged lines in the video on the top area. Is this also because of same issue ?

Here is the video of the situation